Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Embarrasing Moments For Amelia!


Anyway, there are a few things that happened during this week that I find totally embarrassing and because the whole school knows, why not share it with the world?

So firstly, The guy that I adore was watching me for a while and so I decided 'Hey, I know! lets just do my work for a while and stop staring at Mr.Sex on Legs like were going to jump him any moment!'
So I did, about half way through my work someone shouted me name and so I turned around, not a normal head turn. No, I extended my neck and looked around only to find my head in Mr. Sex on Legs Crotch. He is about 2 inches taller than me which makes his a good 6ft, when i sit down im half of his size which makes my head about his pelvice length.  

I head butted his southern area!, great idea Amelia!  hes really going to be asking you to prom!

Secondly, I went to Paris a while ago with a few of my friends from my year at school, including Joel who I hate so much I wish sometimes that he would just die, right there. Anyway, turns out he hates high rides or scary roller-coasters so why he came to Disneyland Paris I don't know but I decided to test that theory by taking him on one of the scariest rides there, Tower Of Terror. To my discontent it was my turn to sit next to him. The ride started and everything was fine until.... he shoved his head in my lap, My Lap. The persons lap who hates you the most. My Lap.

There is now a picture of my screaming at Joel whilst trying to drag his head away from my lap, with his head in my lap.

Pfft, Holiday ruined. Anyway! That is the end of my adventures but I have some disturbing news!!! :OO

MY HALO DISK FOR XBOX 360 HAS BEEN SNAPPED IN HALF!!!  SOMEONE MURDERED MY ONE TRUE LOVER!!!  you are all welcome to join me at his funereal!
Peace Off!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Tale of Ezio and the Cherry Tomato King!

Amelia keeps refusing to make a new post, lazy bitch, so I'll do it. Even though it seem preeetty organised to have me doing two in a row.
So. About the title....Yeah....On the back of a science test my set did today, I wrote a little story, with pictures, about Ezio from Assassin's Creed and this Tomato King.
*clears throat* Sit down children, story tiiime~

Ezio Auditore and the Cherry Tomato King! (Tomato King: DAMN. BLASTED ASSASSIN! Ezio: Surrender, tomato! While you still can!)
Group of Tomatoes wearing badly drawn fedoras: WITH HIS ARMY OF FEDORA TOMATOES! -waves flag that has Cherry Tomato King and a fedora on it- WE SHALL CONQUER THIS EARTH! DEATH TO HUMANS!
Ezio (he's off screen. Can't draw Assassins D:): I shall never surrender!
Tomato King: FOOL. I SHALL BRING YOU TO YOUR KNEES. FOR I HAVE THE APPLE! (reffering to the Apple of Eden from the games.)
Ezio: I will pry that Apple from your dying tomato hands! For I am Ezio Auditore Da Firenze!
Tomato King: //gasp// ASSASSIN! ARMY, RID US OF THIS PEST!

No. No I am not obsessed with Ass. Creed. >_> <_< And no. No I am most certainly not obsessed with Ezio.  >.> <.< Speaking of *cough NON cough cough* obsessions, I started writing another story. And I tend to base them off of...Stuff. So guess what this one's based off of...? .....SKYRIM. ALL HAIL SITHIS!

So yeah. That was my day. Or at least the stuff that's interesting enough to write about.
This is Poptarts, over and out, bitches~!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hello, my sheep!

Poptarts here!

Yes. I'm going to start referring to you as my sheep. This is not Twitter so I can't call you my followers.

Coffee is delicious and is still fuelling my life. Poptarts are still delicious so that's good. I woke up at 2pm and have been on the computer ALL. DAMN. DAY. Cause I'm a lazy bastard. So not a lot to say.
Don't listen to a word Amelia says, it's bullshit. SHE'S LYING. Liiieees!

Clothes for today: Jeans and a t-shirt. I love my flare jeans and my flare jeans love me. Red headband as well. Wondering if I should start wearing said headband to school....Hm....

Damnit, I never have anything to talk about! Why is my life so booring T_T
Ok, well I've got nothing left to say so this was Poptarts, see ya!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012



so I was sat in maths right... with PopTarts (Claudia) and this weird creepy old dude walks in and stares at us for about 10 minuets  then sat down and wrote some shizzle down :P

so me and PopTarts was just having a normal conversation (you know for us) about what would happen in a zombie appocolipse (shhhhh.... my spelling fails because im dyslectic, you got a problem  well I don't give a right good llamas ass) then suddenly this weird girl from like year 10 throws a pencil at the teacher

so now bet your all like  wow bad-ass (i know right) but then sir get up (I think hes called mister beard   awesome name :L) and shouts 'WHO THREW THAT, THAT'S ASSOLT, WHO EVER THREW THAT WILL BE SENT TO COURT AND BE TRIED AGAINST! THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!'

I had the biggest laughing fit possible and sir just gave me the most dirtiest look possible and PopTarts next to me was bitting her tongue so hard trying not to laugh. The girls that threw the pencil legged it out along with some other slut but sir managed to trap one in and she was like 'MOVE I DINT DO NOUT SO MOVE!' sir moved and she legged it out i was like 'ZOMG you could of kept her and made her give you the name of the other girl involved you fat shit!'  so ya!

sir never did find out who it was but many teachers came in and shouted at us calling us ! COWARDS! for not owning up and telling us who she was :P  she was in a diffrent year to us how the fuck should we know.

so ya!  our math class is sooooooo weird that we have drove out a teacher to retire early, another one could not handle our class due to the lack of athoraty and the current one is never ill because he is 'ILL'

it dont help that me and claudia are total knobs :D

Anywway, if you want to ask any questions are you know complement us and crap ;)  jokes just if u wana talk email us at this link  (if u ask us any questions then they might be featured in our next blog but if u want a certain person to answer it please state that!

the email address is here ---->

Monday, 7 May 2012

I claim first post!

Hey there people! This is Claudia (call me Poptarts *wink*) and it seems i'm the one who'll take prime position as the first post! If you've read the description the the right  *points right* then you'll see that this is a joint blog. No, not like a drug blog, but a blog between two people. Amelia's slightly more random than I am, so don't mind her. =And if you ever see text in between these '=' then it's just my other personality talking= . <--- Ignore her. So I just want to welcome you all to this page and erm...yeah. =Tell them what you'll post about= Shut up, you.
Anyways, we'll just be posting about daily life, things that happen, some stories from school. Maybe I'll even tell you guys a story or two from my adventure in Skyrim as well as epic battles in Halo (either of them, my aunt has a few at her house. Yes, I play games at my aunt's). Amelia doesn't play Skyrim so you'll get Call of Duty and Halo: Reach stories out of her.
I think that's all I've got to say...Oh, yeah! I write stories so if I ever post one online, I'll give y'all a heads up.

That really IS it, for today. Expect a post from Amelia sometime soon. Actually, don't, she's a lazy bitch.

Well that's Claudia done for today! Over and out~