Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Embarrasing Moments For Amelia!


Anyway, there are a few things that happened during this week that I find totally embarrassing and because the whole school knows, why not share it with the world?

So firstly, The guy that I adore was watching me for a while and so I decided 'Hey, I know! lets just do my work for a while and stop staring at Mr.Sex on Legs like were going to jump him any moment!'
So I did, about half way through my work someone shouted me name and so I turned around, not a normal head turn. No, I extended my neck and looked around only to find my head in Mr. Sex on Legs Crotch. He is about 2 inches taller than me which makes his a good 6ft, when i sit down im half of his size which makes my head about his pelvice length.  

I head butted his southern area!, great idea Amelia!  hes really going to be asking you to prom!

Secondly, I went to Paris a while ago with a few of my friends from my year at school, including Joel who I hate so much I wish sometimes that he would just die, right there. Anyway, turns out he hates high rides or scary roller-coasters so why he came to Disneyland Paris I don't know but I decided to test that theory by taking him on one of the scariest rides there, Tower Of Terror. To my discontent it was my turn to sit next to him. The ride started and everything was fine until.... he shoved his head in my lap, My Lap. The persons lap who hates you the most. My Lap.

There is now a picture of my screaming at Joel whilst trying to drag his head away from my lap, with his head in my lap.

Pfft, Holiday ruined. Anyway! That is the end of my adventures but I have some disturbing news!!! :OO

MY HALO DISK FOR XBOX 360 HAS BEEN SNAPPED IN HALF!!!  SOMEONE MURDERED MY ONE TRUE LOVER!!!  you are all welcome to join me at his funereal!
Peace Off!

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