Tuesday, 8 May 2012



so I was sat in maths right... with PopTarts (Claudia) and this weird creepy old dude walks in and stares at us for about 10 minuets  then sat down and wrote some shizzle down :P

so me and PopTarts was just having a normal conversation (you know for us) about what would happen in a zombie appocolipse (shhhhh.... my spelling fails because im dyslectic, you got a problem  well I don't give a right good llamas ass) then suddenly this weird girl from like year 10 throws a pencil at the teacher

so now bet your all like  wow bad-ass (i know right) but then sir get up (I think hes called mister beard   awesome name :L) and shouts 'WHO THREW THAT, THAT'S ASSOLT, WHO EVER THREW THAT WILL BE SENT TO COURT AND BE TRIED AGAINST! THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!'

I had the biggest laughing fit possible and sir just gave me the most dirtiest look possible and PopTarts next to me was bitting her tongue so hard trying not to laugh. The girls that threw the pencil legged it out along with some other slut but sir managed to trap one in and she was like 'MOVE I DINT DO NOUT SO MOVE!' sir moved and she legged it out i was like 'ZOMG you could of kept her and made her give you the name of the other girl involved you fat shit!'  so ya!

sir never did find out who it was but many teachers came in and shouted at us calling us ! COWARDS! for not owning up and telling us who she was :P  she was in a diffrent year to us how the fuck should we know.

so ya!  our math class is sooooooo weird that we have drove out a teacher to retire early, another one could not handle our class due to the lack of athoraty and the current one is never ill because he is 'ILL'

it dont help that me and claudia are total knobs :D

Anywway, if you want to ask any questions are you know complement us and crap ;)  jokes just if u wana talk email us at this link  (if u ask us any questions then they might be featured in our next blog but if u want a certain person to answer it please state that!

the email address is here ---->  RetardedX2@hotmail.co.uk

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